Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments. I am truly humbled and honored. But a giveaway did help drive the traffic my way and it was fun for me.
2 mistakes on my part:
1. I forgot to include the date of the drawing.
2. I had no idea how many strips it would take to fill a shoebox.

Did I say I have grown MEN as children? The smallest shoebox I can find is size 10 (and that is my shoebox).

I could have as easily said I was going to ship the winner a boat! I feel like that is what I have laying all over my house when I trip over the shoes. Don't get me started on socks. I will save that for another post.

Last night I was home alone which is rare. I made a wonderful dinner (bowl of frosted flakes with sliced bananas), and plopped down in front of the TV with complete ownership of the remote.
I gathered my strips and ironed each of them, so the winner would not have a knotted mess. It was actually quite therapeutic looking at the variety of strips. I didn't even mind ironing, fabric that is,
not laundry.
If you haven't left a comment, please do so on the Previous post.
Will announce the winner on Friday the 13th. Make this day lucky for you and leave a comment if you want a boat, I mean shoebox full of 1 1/2" strips.