APQ beats SI anyday of the week

Many of you know that I am a mother of 5, so that means I have been pregnant for 45 months of my life. During one of my pregnancies we had a friend of my husband's living with us.  Everyday the guys would ask, "Did Sports Illustrated come today?"  Of course it was the Swimsuit issue that they were so excited about.(not the issue shown here)

During this same time I worked the graveyard shift at the local grocery store. Lo and behold, there set the brand new issue of the SI Swimsuit. (one side note before I finish the story- these are the same 2 guys that say people go to Hooter's for the wings, not because of the waitresses in tight fitting clothes.)
I decided to perform an experiment. I marched home with the new SI so excited I could barely stand it. I then proceeded to cut my face out of any pictures I could find. Ever so strategically I taped my picture onto each and every swimsuit model in the entire magazine. I quietly snuck the magazine into the mailbox along with the other mail so the guys would be the first to stumble across the much anticipated issue. The guys flipped through the magazine 3 or 4 times and DID NOT notice my picture on a single model. AHA!My experiment worked, they do not go to hooter's for the wings.
Flash ahead 25 years!! Now, I am the one going to the mailbox inquisitively asking, "Did my American Patchwork and Quilting come yet?"  I see why the guys were so excited (well not really) for their much anticipated reading material. No one in my house was chasing down the mailman or running to the quilt store to look for a copy. Did they not understand? This was as big as my picture (head only- not body) being taped throughout Sports Illustrated so many years before. My quilt was going to be on the cover of October's issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. Alas, my magazine(S) have arrived. I am sure that the cover quilt does not make the evening news like the cover model of SI does. I am sure my Dad would be proud that I didn't have to take off any clothes to  make the cover.
In May, I had the pleasure and honor of attending American Patchwork and Quilting's Creative Circle 2010. You can read all about this in the October issue of APQ so I will not fill you in too much of the details. (BACK PAGE) Also it was so great that I cannot even put it into words.
While on the tour of Meredith Corporation, we learned how the magazine was created and laid out. (Yes that is THE Eleanor Burns standing right next to me.) I was standing along one wall when Monica from Happy Zombie pointed out my quilt on the pages pinned to the storyboard. I was trying so hard to contain my excitement which of course is hard when Happy Zombie is pointing at you.

Senior Editor, Jennifer Keltner show us how each issue is laid out, making sure the entire issue is consistent and flows throughout. .
 We continued on the tour visiting the incredible Better Homes and Garden's test garden. Breathtaking! As we were leaving I was told, "Oh ya. Lissa your quilt was photographed right over there. Do you want have your picture made in the same spot your quilt was photographed?" Well I am kind of shy, but I jumped at the chance.
Okay, Okay enough about me.
Run and pick up your own copy of the October, American Patchwork and Quilting.
Read about Jean Wells, Tara Lynn Darr, Lisa DeBee Schiller, Tonye Belinda Phillips, Pat Sloan,
Kathie Holland, Marti Michell, and Holly Holderman.
In honor of my quilt and all the crew at APQ, I am doing a give away. Some lucky comment leaving person will win a shoebox full of 1 1/2 " strips all different lengths. These strips will probably not make your own version of this quilt but it will get you started.
Also, do not miss what Jennifer Keltner is featuring on page 4. I have one now. You will want one too.

If you want to make this quilt you will need "a bunch of 1 1/2" strips" the magazine instructions and your choice of brown tonals. here are a few moda choices. Collections for a Cause-Hope, Stock # 46088-14, Sandy's Solids 7521-418 or Bella Solid 9900-71.

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