Pinks, Kind of

You may wonder how I decided what would be combined in each of these giveaways.
Yesterday you saw the stack of reds.
 I just grabbed a hunk of reds that I thought would fit nicely in a
 priority package, 
tied a ribbon around it 
and considered it done.
Then I grabbed the next stack as shown above.
 It should really be all pinks, however I am not the most 
studious at replacing my fabrics in the 
correct color family. Consider this part 2 to yesterday's
 giveaway with reds and pink fabrics.
Also stay tuned for the BEST AND LAST

The winner of the reds from Wednesday, Sept. 25th is:
Blogger Janet said...
Red's my favorite color as well, and my red bin's getting a bit thin ...
I'd love to add these in! Thanks for the chance.
September 25, 2013 at 6:49 AM