to market to market

Today is going to be a busy day at the office. We have sales meeting for the Dallas staff, making sure all the sales meeting stuff is ready for Portland and mainly just making sure we have packed everything. 
After sending 2 - 18 wheelers full of booth stuff I would hope we didn't forget anything.
This time of year is kind of like Christmas. 
I am sure you have all been through the late night assembly of toys only 
to find out you need 4 - C batteries that Santa did not include with the package. 

Well, setting up a booth for 40 sales people is much the same. 
If we have forgotten anything at this point we could probably blame it on Santa.

I do not know why I wait until the last minute every year
 but now it is time to pack my own suitcase.
old suitcase - Google Images

old suitcase - Google Images (clipped to

The first day of the show we tell all the sales reps what color to wear for our annual group picture.
 Months ago we sent them the color palette for the booth.
  Pretty colorful, huh? 
hexagon shuffle .... quilted by Natalia Bonner
We did narrow down the choices  to 10 different Bella colors. It does always seem like these are colors that are not readily available in my closet. I know, I know picking booth colors in all black or all brown would be a bit drab.

Check back for our group picture to see how well we all follow fashion directions.