A girl has got to eat

I have done a couple of posts about the Des Moines Quilt show. I know you are worried about me keeping up my energy so I thought a post about food would be warranted. Day 2 we had to do strenuous work on New product development which usually means shopping. We spotted Smokey D's bbq right next to the Harley Davidson Shop. ( no we did not shop at the Harley store)

Smokey D's very own Shad and Angie are this year's winners of the BBQ pit master's on the TLC channel. Remember in a past post how I told you I only had a zoom lens on my camera? I could not begin to take a picture of the 7' trophy. Trophies line every wall and every aisle in the place.
The "grub" was incredible.

The World Food Festival
This is a picture of the capital from my hotel room, but if you look to the lower left hand side of the pic you will see  the white banners marking the world food festival. It was close, maybe too close!

We spent quite a bit of time here snacking on food from all kinds of ethnic groups and listening to some good tunes from some up and coming bands. I do not know if the quilt show organizers plan for the show to be during this event or not, but they should.

I have no pictures of Miyabi 9 but if you like Japanese you must visit Mike at Miyabi 9.

I did not earn this trophy but I certainly should have during my stay in Des Moines!!
I am stuffed even thinking back about the great food and fun with friends in Des Moines.