Joanna and modaLissa headed to Spain

Joanna and I are busy stuffing our turkeys.... and once the family is stuffed with all the holidays bounty. We will make sure there is plenty of leftovers to hold them over, board a plane and head to Madrid, Spain to teach all about moda Precuts. You may have heard of Jelly Rolls ( 2 1/2" strips), Layer Cakes (10" x 10" squares), Charm Packs ( 5" x 5"), and the newest cuts Honey Buns (1 1/2"x 45") and Turnovers (6" Half Square triangles) Honey buns and Turnovers in stores beginning January. We will be teaching 2 days to 60 shop owners. The Confetti Cake pattern from the Pattern Basket is one of the classes I am teaching. Margot does wonderful patterns including her line up of patterns using the moda precuts.Confetti Cake is one of my favorites. I have made this quilt 3 times now so I have taken some step by step pictures to show you how easy this pattern is. All you need is a moda layer cake, a center fabric, background and border.

Choose the order, sew and press. Did I say PRESS? If you follow Margot's directions and press in opposing order, you do not have to pin. the strips just line up beautifully. I love BEST PRESS to iron with. (ask for it at your shop)Sub cut the strips

Line them up and resew them together. TA DA! Of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt before I rushed it off to the quilter. I will post the pic as soon as maggi works her magic on it.
Oh Ya, Joanna is fluent in several languages. I only talk English and Quilting, but I think we will all get along quite well.