No Fair

The second annual #APQquiltalong has started. What I mean by started is the April issue of American Patchwork and Quilting is now available. There really is no start date or deadline. A quiltalong is just a way to share your process along the way.

The no fair part of this blog post is just that. It is no fair that I didn't get to quiltalong with everyone else. Okay, Okay I guess it really so no far that my quilt is already made, quilted (Thank you Maggi Honeyman) and even bound.

I can't pass up this APQquiltalong so I am starting on version 2. I had some squares left over from my project, so wanted to put them to good use. Plus I love a deadline and the shear possibility that I could have a Christmas project done in the first half of the year would be over the top incredible. I thought I would try something a little different by combiing red and green together in the same 4 patch instead of lights and darks.

I worked with strips approx 10" so I could use scraps from jelly rolls or pieces of layer cakes for variety. Putting the strips right sides together before subcutting already pairs up the 4 patches.

I don't think i like green and red nine patches only, so then I added some light backgrounds also.

My plan is to use my size of four patches but use Edyta's layout design. I am on the lookout for the perfect fabrics to use in her layout. In the meantime I will quiltalong on my four payches with all of you.
For more eye candy or to just follow along on all the versions, search #apqquiltalong.

Gotta go sew a few more four patches before work.

Have a wonderful day.