Words are a powerful thing.

They can build you up.

. They can be used to inspire and encourage others.

Words can heal and make you laugh.

I think my Pinterest board
-words of wisdom -
has more pins than my
-quilts to make in the lifetime -
Sometimes it is the written word and some times it may be the spoken word. You never know where it is going to come from. The spoken word can come from a complete stranger in the most unusual situation.

By now you probably are wondering where this is going. During quilt market there is a super crazy event called schoolhouse. During the sessions everyone is swarming in and out of the classroom settings with only a few minutes to spare. Well it was during this time that someone's words truly touched me.

The cutest young gal reached over to me as I was walking down the aisle. She said I really enjoy reading your blog and wish that you would post more than once a year.

OUCH, right?

She was right on the consistency or lack there of in my posting schedule.
I have thought about this so much since then. What could I possibly have to offer this gal? What made her go completely out of her way to stop me and say these words?
Powerful words. Kind and inspiring words. Crazy but true words.

Thank you.... You know who you are and thought I should let you know what your words meant to me.

So I am back on track working on my words and planning on putting lots more of them down in print right here on this little ol' blog.