Sugar Cookies

One of the perks of my job is that I get to travel with some of the Moda sales team. This happens once or twice a year. I was super excited to travel with Jane Overman a few months back. 
As Jane was taking me the airport she asked, 

"Have you ever heard of Swig?"

Of course I had... Camille had talked about this place and so we had to visit. It was the cutest drive through place for COOKIES. Yes, cookies. Don't get me wrong it has other things on the menu but I was there for a cookie. We arrived just as they were opening and there was already a line. 

Would I be late to the airport? 
Was it worth the risk? 
YES it was.

Jane and I got a cookie to share and it was just 
as yummy as I thought it would be.
I came across a recipe for these cookies 
and since I can't zip off to Salt Lake to pick up some for the holidays, 
I thought I would give the recipe a try.

I made a batch. Yummy! The cool thing about these 
cookies is they are served cold. 
Make the cookies and store them in an airtight container. 
Frost them right before serving making the icing still creamy.

Enjoy and hope you have a wonderful holiday.