Straight and Arrow

I am so lucky to work with such a talented group of people. One of the gals is Holly Hickman.  Her brain is amazing. You may have seen her quilt in a recent Quilts and More Spring 2014 publication. I knew when she made that quilt that I would want to make it once the magazine came out so I hoarded the fabrics.

Quilts n More 2014- Straight and Arrow by Holly Hickman quilted by Natalia Bonner

Wanting to make a certain quilt and hoarding is not uncommon for me, but for some reason this one actually got done. Arrows are such a trending thing that I had to jump right on this project. My husband is 5/128 Chickasaw Indian which makes the kids 5/256. I think this is the reason for their newly found attraction to Indian items.

Holly Hickman's quilt- quilted by Natalia Bonner

I was surprised when my eldest son, Grant loved this quilt so I am sure it will find a place in his home. I made the quilt extra long because I really wanted to use the pre- printed log cabin fabric.
  He is a tall dude so this would cover him from head to toe. Don't you hate those "throws" that are big enough to actually get cozy under?
  My version of Holly's quilt is quilted a little different and I added a little bit more border fabric. I can't wait to throw it in the wash and deliver it to #1 son.