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Tone it down main quilt photo 
I am always so honored to share my passion for quilting with others. So of course I am super pumped when one of my projects gets published in a national magazine. BUT what really has taken the whole experience way over the top  is the #APQquiltalong from the Feb 2014 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. There were several people that had agreed to go on this quilt along ride and were featured in the magazine. I  knew each of them would do something really different. 
I wanted to share some of the #AQPquiltalong projects. I just love how they are all coming along. Each is so different and is also a great lesson in color and value placement. 

Jennifer Keltner's quilt is going to be so rich with a Japanese feel. Jennifer is the Senior Editor of American Patchwork and Quilting and has got to be one of the busiest women in the industry.  I am honored that she has carved out the time to be a part of this.

APQquiltalong progress by Anne at @Anne Sutton
And then we have Anne from Bunny Hill.  Anne has a uncanny knack for putting the chic in shabby chic with everything she touches. She is adding alternate blocks of applique to her quilt.
See what I mean by how different each of the quilts are coming along.

Kimberly Jolly's APQ's Tone it Down Quilt Along - Featuring Wishes by Sweetwater

Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop made her version using 
Wishes from Sweetwater. 
Of course her quilt is completely done. You can certainly see why she is so successful by jumping in 
and getting her projects complete. 
Another classic!

Now for some sashing #APQquiltalong 
How cool and different is Quilt Jane's version? The pattern
 is the exact same as the other quilts but the value placement has given this quilt a completely different design. 
Just imagine all the variations of traditional 
quilt blocks we could do if we just looked at everything
 in black and white, then started coloring in the shapes. 
Jane, you are so inspiring.

A Quilting Life's version of the #APQquiltalong 
Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life. 
I am sure you all read Sherri's blog. She is a true classic in every step of the word. So Sherri choose fabric from a classic designer, Sandy Klop of American Jane. This quilt was a good reason for Sherri to pull out her American Jane collection of fabrics and dive in.
 I would like to point out that this is also a good reason why we like to hoard our favorite designers fabric collection. And yes it is okay to have more than one favorite designer, hoard their collections, and have a fabulous stash. Stash is not a bad word.

#apqquiltalong - AmysCreativeSide.comAmy Ellis from Amy's Creative Side
I knew Amy would give us all an interesting take on scale and design. 
 Amy's combination of fabrics adds such movement throughout.
#APQquiltalong block from @Lisa Bongean 
Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings
I knew Lisa would give us all the complete opposite look of my quilt. 
She put darks where the lights were, lights where the darks were supposed to be.
She gives the quilt her magic primitive touch. A good lesson in just 
because the pattern says
 "dark fabrics" 
doesn't mean you have to use dark.
APQ Tone it Down Quilt Along by Camille - Are you joining in? 
Camille Roskelley
Again another example of greatness in everything she touches. 
Camille played with her value by use of lights, mediums and darks. 
My quilt was truly lights or darks, no mediums. 
By adding the mediums, Camille's version incorporates a softer, vintage feel.

And my apologies to Carrie Nelson. I left her greatness off of my original post. 

I can't really say enough about Carrie. Her version is a timeless classic. Read all about her thought process as she created this quilt.
Thanks again to all these talented ladies for being a part of this quiltalong.

Let me know if you are quiltingalong. 
I have made a board on pinterest
and I would love to add your version to the board.


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