So many choices

 I have a wonderful box of over 1000 half square triangles from my recent exchange.
What do I make with these? This whole triangle swap  started because of Edyta Sitar's book,  Friendship Triangles and her yummy triangle papers.
Could it be possible that I am having commitment issues? I just can't decide.
I even started a triangle board on Pinterest. More and More choices.
Yes, this has made my decision tougher.
Look at just some of the possibilities. Maybe a triangle sampler?
Of course, Edyta is not making it any easier for me. 
She now has Laceys and Silhouettes that can be added.

This one is a stunner! Maybe?
images used permission of Laundry basket Quilts
 What about a classic ocean waves?
I guess I will keep petting my triangles, sorting them into different stacks and then placing them neatly back in their box until I make the decision of what to make.
Does it count as an unfinished project if I haven't actually started sewing the triangles together?

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