Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Funny

Hope you have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Modern Fall Quilt

kennedy modeling my newest quilt

Can you modernize Halloween or possibly the 
celebration of Thanksgiving? Both Holidays are certainly the beginning 
of the fall holiday season in the United States, 
but neither holiday would be considered modern.
I love the season,
I love the colors
and I love the weather
during this time of year 
I was inspired to sew.
I didn't know what project but I had a color palette in  mind.

So I was looking back through my notebook of project sheets.
I have always loved
 the Wee Woodland pattern so I choose some "fall colors", 
grabbed some candy corn and peanuts,
 threw them in a bowl for a sewing snack and started 
yet another project.

The working title for this quilt was Modern Fall. It was my excuse 
to get to sew with
 orange, grey, magenta and greens and a 
natural grey pindot background 
without having to worry 
about the fabrics matching my house.
Whoa, wait a minute, did I give you the impression that 
anything in my house matches? 
It doesn't, eclectic to say the least.
My kids are kind of tired of helping me hold up quilts for pictures,
so I solicited some help from my niece, Kennedy.
She is interested in photography, so I held the quilts
and she took the pictures. We have pictures from all different angles.
There is something about clicking that shutter button multiple times so it
sounds like a professional photographer.
I think that only applies to fashion photography not quilts.

 click, click, click
 I think it was a test to see how long I could hold my 
arms straight up over my head holding the quilt.

quilting by Natalia Bonner
Close up of quilting shown on Natalia's site.
Enough with the quilt pictures. 
My arms were tired. 
It was time to change places,
I was behind the camera and she was in front.
 This quilt is easy and fun to make using an assortment of 10" squares. Pattern info here.

My other niece Avery came home and helped "model" some
of the other quilts to 
be shown in future posts.
Thank goodness they still like to help Aunt Izzy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

what's up?

The 2 months before each Market is so hard for me.
Everything I am working on is top secret.
It drives me crazy to see all the fun things people are doing
and I am sewing under the veils of secrecy.
So I just wanted to drop you a few peeks at my projects.
More to come.
Let me just say NEW Minick Simpson/ future McCalls Magazine
Maggi Honeyman is working her magic on it right now!

This one is done and you will see it soon.

I blogged about this one here, during a tutorial for the Folded Corner Ruler.
What I didn't show is the back. The folded corner ruler give you "extras" that are perfectly paired. I just had to sew the pieces together to make half square triangles. 

I told Bo I was finished taking a picture of the quilt
 but from the look on his face he doesn't seem to trust me.
The kid does not like his picture taken!

Another quilt in the works!
Thanks for the quilting Natalia.
I have plenty of binding projects! Probably my least favorite part of the entire process.

Monday, September 10, 2012

and the winner is!

Nancy Lewis is the winner of the Baby go.
Blogger Four dogs and one quilter said...
Love EPP and hexagons. Would love to make the Union Jack quilt, but an I spy would be fun too. Thanks for the chance to win.
September 7, 2012 5:07 PM

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hex- a- Go Go Day

Yippee Yeah It's My Day.
I hope you have been following along on the Hexa-Go-Go book tour. Tacha has outdone herself on her Hexagon English Paper Piecing book and has asked us to tell you what we think about it.

 August 20th Katy Jones - imagingermonkey -

August 22nd Beth Wilson - Sew Mama Sew -
August 24th Cathy Underhill - Cabbage Quilts -
August 27th Lynne Goldsworthy - Lilys Quilts -

August 29th Jennifer Mathis - Ellison Lane -
August 31st Angela Pingel - Cut to Pieces -

September 3rd Jeni Baker - In Color Order -

September 5th Nettie - A quilt is nice -

September 7th Lissa Alexander - Moda Lissa -

September 10th Sarah Fielke - The Last Piece -
September 12th Michele Pacey - Michele Made Me -

September 14th Kimberly Jolly - Fat Quarter Shop -
September 17th Aneela Hoey - Comfort Stitching -

September 19th John Adams - Quiltdad -

September 21st Elizabeth Hartman - Oh Fransson -


This is just once example of the happy colorful projects in the book.
Is Happy a color? It should be. If my unmade bed looked this good, Iwould never make it again. 

English Paper piecing or EPP dates back to the 18th century. This method was often used to stabilize fabrics such as silk. EPP continued to the art form it is today by using the smallest bits of scraps and transforming them into today's heirlooms. I can imagine that learning EPP was similar to the craft of
teaching stitches by making embroidered samplers.
The luxury of EPP for me is that it is so portable and requires so few tools and supplies. I  even keep a small bag in my car with a clover needle threader, needle and thread, hexagon papers and scraps.

One of my favorite quilts in the book is a huge union jack quilt.
pics compliments of Stash Books
 I really want to make it, but instead I started on a smaller version of the US flag quilt. I worked on this during the London Olympics, so it is kind of the same, right?
This is my table runner in progress. I ran out of time to finish the field of stars
as hexagons so I am going to quilt it to look like hexagons.
I talked to my friends at Accu-Quilt and ........
I have one  Go Baby for some lucky person.
Then I am going to throw in a hexagon die and mat. You will have the complete package to aid you in this addiction to this relaxing, therapeutic form of handwork. Leave a comment and let me know what you would make from hexagons. The winner will be drawn at random Sunday night and announced Monday morning. (thank you AccuQuilt)
 As you know I do love hexagons. There is something just so pleasing about it's simple shape.
Warning: EPP does become an addiction as you will see in these pictures.
I have two different quilts started. I probably have enough hexy's made to complete both quilts
but I keep making more.
I have even started machine piecing some of the hexy's together.
Read how in previous blog posts here and here.

Sneak peek on my I Spy hexy quilt for a future grand child. No one is pregnant yet and I do not want to tempt anyone to get pregnant just to get the quilt. I have a long long way to go.More on this project in a future post.
Tacha has taken the traditional EPP flower garden to an entirely new level.
The hottest trend is the new English paper piecing. Amazing how great quilters are making a craft from the 18th century trendy again.
What would the acronym for that be? NEPP

There is an old saying: Nothing good comes from boredom. It's said that idle hands are the devil's workshop, an old saying dating at least as far back as Chaucer in the twelfth century who called idle hands the devil's tools.
Keep your hands busy with Hexy's and start with Hexa-Go Go for inspiration and direction.
Thank you Tacha!


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