Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Portable Design Wall

Do you need a design wall that is lightweight but don't have a wall to add a piece of flannel to?

Ask for insulation board at Home Depot or Lowe's.
It is available in 8' tall sheets and is the weight of a thick piece of dense Styrofoam. I am sure there are several options for this type of board.

I cut my board in half using a sharp knife.
Choose fabric to cover the board.
I used a flannel print from Bonnie and Camille's collection.
Because the board is wider than than 45" I had to piece the fabric together
so plan accordingly when picking fabric.
 This can be eliminated by trimming the board to approx 36" wide.

Use T-Pins to tack the flannel to the board.  Slide the pins in at a slight angle to hold the fabric taunt.
At the corners do a hospital corner.
Did you know there was officially terminology for those tight sheet corners
that you have to squirm to be able to kick your feet from the bottom.?

Because the insulation board does not hold nails, I hot glued a yardstick
and added a couple of picture hangers.

Now it can be hung on most any wall since it is very light weight.
The board also comes in handy sitting on a cutting table and leaning up against the wall.
I would show you the final picture but mysteriously my flannel board has found
 its way into my daughter's room for a bulletin board.
The fabric was perfect to match her room, or so she says.

Off to make a new one for ME.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hex-a go-go

Hex a Go Go  by Tacha Bruecher Book Tour

Starts August 20th.

It is time for another book tour.  The tour is all about Hexagons, so of course I was absolutely giddy for Tacha to have asked me to join in. Mark your calenders to follow along with designers from all over the world.  Regardless of what time zone you are in, there will be a great variety of people sharing
their review of this book.


 August 20th visit Katy Jones - imagingermonkey

August 22nd hop on over to Beth Wilson - Sew Mama Sew

August 24th  hear what Cathy Underhill has to say - Cabbage Quilts
August 27th go across the pond to Lynne Goldsworthy - Lilys Quilts
August 29th visit Jennifer Mathis - Ellison Lane
August 31st  travel to Angela Pingel - Cut to Pieces
September 3rd join in with  Jeni Baker - In Color Order

September 5th Nettie shares the buzz about this book - A quilt is nice
September 7th is my day! Lissa Alexander - Moda Lissa

September 10th pop in on Sarah Fielke - The Last Piece
September 12th  visit Michele Pacey - Michele Made Me

September 14th check in with Kimberly Jolly - Fat Quarter Shop
September 17th Aneela Hoey shines- Comfort Stitching

September 19th John Adams goes hexy on us - Quiltdad

September 21st is the prolific day for Elizabeth Hartman - Oh Fransson

If you were a sign winners


Prizes are on the way to
Cecilia won a jelly roll.
Cecilia said...

I think my sign would say Under Construction and I would hang it on the door of my sewing room. I wish I had this book when my son was young too. He would have loved all of the sign quilts.

August 15, 2012 10:23 AM

Book Winner

Anonymous said...
My sign would be "Live for the Day"
August 15, 2012 1:11 PM

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Funny

In honor of the 
STOP, GO, Quilt, Sew book tour
last week I thought my Friday Funny
could be full of irreverent  signs.

Are your preachers named after alcohol? That is how we do it in the south.

I love this one!

This one applies to all of us going through the drought stricken areas across the country.

And this is my favorite, Look close....
see the alligators on the side of the road.

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If you were a road sign?

Where was this book 20 years ago when my boys were little and obsessed by all things mobile? Now they are in their 20's and 30's and obsessed by all things mobile but the only difference is that it is a phone now.
Angela's quest for  boy themed projects  is certainly showcased here in her new book,
Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! Make 12 Fun projects for Boys to Enjoy.

Angela creates her own fabric for appliques by piecing various strips together. In the book she talks about creating scrap applique. This technique is perfect whether you are using scraps or jelly rolls.
 I am giving away a basic jelly roll (off white bella solid) in case you are interested in
creating your own scrap applique. ( see below for info)

While we are talking street signs, I thought I would show you a few local street signs in my neck of the woods. The first sign will not actually be found on any map or google site. It is a street sign that the employees at Moda/United Notions gave to the boss. I happened to catch the moda van parked  by the sign which makes it  much more official.

The sign below is an actual street sign that I had never seen before until one of my kids sent me the pic.
How great is this?

Angela asked us if we had to design our own street sign , what would it say.

Of course mine is in the shape of a hexagon
but isn't red because that would mean
and that is the last
thing on my mind.

Angela is giving away a
and I am going to throw in a
Basic Jelly Roll.

Leave a comment and tell me what would your
street sign would say for a chance to win the book
 or the jelly roll. 
 2 prizes, 2 chances to win.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Direction

If any of you have daughters, nieces, etc. under the age of 18 then you probably have heard of the boy band, One Direction. My niece Kennedy is a huge, huge fan of this group. If she could, she would be president of their fan club, quit school and follow them all over the world. These guys really do have an interesting story. A few years ago they had not even met.

expert from their website:

The making of One Direction
Turn back the clock to July 2010 and auditions for the UK’s X Factor were underway. Five young boys from various parts of the UK and Ireland had entered the competition with nothing else but a passion for singing and raw talent. Their names were Niall (from Westmeath, Ireland), Zayn (from Bradford), Liam (from Wolverhampton), Harry (from Cheshire) and Louis (from Doncaster) and they had all entered as solo artists. Arriving to their individual auditions, they were given the task of impressing the judges. And they did. But just not quite how they imagined.
It was during the Bootcamp round of the competition that Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh had to give the boys the bad news that they hadn’t made it through as solo artists. They were devastated, but they were offered a suggestion. The judges wanted them to form a group; to learn to sing as a five-piece rather than individuals.
 The boys jumped at the chance and One Direction was born.

What is kind of funny is that I actually remembered watching this show when
 Simon Cowell joined this boys into one group.

Why am I posting about 4 guys from London
and 1 guy from Ireland?
Reason #1-
Of course I am going to be into anything my niece is interested in.

Reason # 2-
I might as well make her a quilt. So here is my One Direction Quilt top.

If any one knows these guys personally I would love to send the quilt to
them to autograph, but in the mean time my plan is to embroider
Niall (on the irish flag)
and Louis
on each of the flags.

I thought this was perfect timing to show this during the London Olympics.
The British flag is from a pattern by Michelle Kunigisky
of Busy Bee Quilt Designs called Victory Garden.

Victory Garden

I must admit the Irish  flag was my own design. Ya okay, it is three strips of fabrics.
Kennedy and I may have to go into business selling these quilts.
 If you don't see a blog post from me in a long time, you will probably know that
 Kennedy and I have gone on the road as
President of the One Direction fan club
maker of One Direction quilts.

One side note- I must really like the British Flag becasue I have also made one using a Cabbages & Roses line of fabric. Wouldn't this quilt make a precious baby quilt for Prince William and Kate?

Maybe I could go to London to decorate their future nursery. I could probably work it into
the One Direction tour scheldule.

Okay, back to reality!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Funny

My husband sent me this one.
I know he could have titled it
 dumb blonde joke
becasue there was a picture of a blonde that came along with the joke.
However he was too kind and instead titled it.....
The longest password ever

During a recent password audit by a company, it was found that an employee was using the following password:


When asked why she had such a long password, she rolled her eyes and said:

"Hello! It has to be at least 8 characters and include at least one capital."

Whether you are blonde or not, don't you just hate keeping up with passwords?
Have a great weekend.
-blonde modalissa

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stop,Go, Quilt and Sew book tour

Join in on a book tour celebrating Angela Yosten's new book, Stop, Go, Quilt, Sew! The adventure starts August 6th  at Stash Books and continues traveling throughout the US with one stop down under visiting Sarah Fielke in Australia. They really do have Kangaroo crossing signs in Australia!
Pinned Image


Day 1 (Monday, August 6): Stash Books (California)
 Day 2 (Tuesday, August 7): Sarah Fielke (Australia)
Day 3 (Wednesday, August 8): Blue Nickel Studios (Washington) 
Day 4 (Thursday, August 9): Natalia Bonner (Utah)
Day 5 (Friday, August 10): Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobsen (Arizona)
Day 6 (Saturday, August 11): John Adams (North Carolina)
Day 7 (Sunday, August 12): Vanessa Christenson (Iowa)
Day 8 (Monday, August 13): Rachel Griffith (Ohio)
Day 9 (Tuesday, August 14): Pat Sloan (Virginia)
Day 10 (Wednesday, August 15): Lissa Alexander (Texas)
YEAH that is me!

Day 11 (Thursday, August 16): Angela Yosten (Texas)
Day 12 (Friday, August 17): ALL Giveaways end at midnight.
Day 15 (Monday, August 20): Come back and visit as all the winners are announced.


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