Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Schnibbles Quilt Along

I am now month 2 in to the Schnibbles Quilt Along. I took your advise from my previous post and used Friendship collection by Howard Marcus. However, I used Etchings by 3 sisters as the background for all my geese.
I have all my geese units done.
 Half of the block assembled and some rows started.  I did not get quite as far as I would have liked to, but....
 I am not completely finished. I could come up with some pretty convincing arguments such as my sewing machine was hit by a truck or my dog ate my fabric or there was a thread strike OR I could say that market is 2 weeks away and I have 20 other quilts that I have to make happen. One of these 4 things is true. Guess which one?

My geese were all sewn and ready to trim with Monica's handy ruler. This is the before picture.


This is the after. Precision heaven.

Points, points points! It wasn't me. It was the ruler!

I have never used a design board before so I thought I would give it a whirl.
 I played with the blocks on point. I guess that could also be a reason I am not finished also.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Used that ruler for the first time too....love it!!! Your points are perfect.

  2. I absolutely love the fit to be geese ruler too!

    I was thinking about using this line for my next Schnibble, Doc...but seeing your Summer Day blocks makes me want to make flying geese with this fabric...so gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful fabrics...this is wonderful!

  4. You made me SO much better because I didn't make the deadline.

  5. Sometimes life happens and gets in the way of quilting. But you're off a great start. I'm glad you chose Friendship. The colors are great.
    And nice job on the Flying Geese. Maybe I need that ruler.

  6. The part I found crazy is that you haven't ever usd a design wall before! I am impressed you got that many blocks done with the craziness that is Quilt Market looming!

  7. You said something about "Monica's ruler" but who is Monica and who manufactures/distributes it. Your flying geese turned out beautiful!

    Thanks, Sandy

  8. Ha ha, love the jokes, esp. the police dog! The tooth fairy. Oh, memories. My Mom has false teeth and I do remember her teeth in the glass at night. 2 more weeks? Can't wait to see all the new quilts! I've heard Vanessa's fabric is totally amazing!



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