Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the joy of books

Sarah Fielke shared this on FB a while back. Amazing!

I can't wait to get to quilt market and see all the new books. I hope to bring some books
 home to show to everyone. Possibly a few giveaways!.

Thank you so much for reading
my little o blog. It means alot to me.
_ modalissa


  1. Very clever! Love it!

    And, yes, there is nothing like a real book!

  2. Eu digo mais:O pouco com DEUS é muito.O muito sem DEUS não é nada.Beijos.

  3. Oh, there is nothing like a real book...loved that video!

    And I always love reading your blog!

  4. Wow, I love this!!! I listen to a lot of audio books. They allow me to have the best of both worlds, my love of reading and my love of piecing quilts and working on stitchery quilt blocks. With audio books I can do both at the same time...Kind of...! I have to admit there is just nothing quite like the look, feel and yes the smell of a real book. It sounds funny to some people, but just like fondling beautiful quilt fabric, books have the same effect on me. So much so that my hubby tries to avoid going to bookstores and libraries with me. I often leave empty handed but I make sure I get my 'book fondling fix' before I leave. OH, and a yard, estate, or flea market with honest to goodness old, nothing like it in the world, except maybe a beautiful bundle of fabric to fondle while I listen to great audio book, LOL. Thanks for sharing this video! Big Hugs and have a wonderful time at Market...

  5. I love books! Can't wait to see what you come home with!

  6. Great video. I agree there is nothing like a real book. Just to sit down and read, and think.

  7. love to read & LOVE quilt books! Have fun at Market!

  8. I am always looking to add to my book collection oh yes please bring home all the wonderful new quilt books out there :) I am sure I will need one or two of them:)

  9. I love books and my Kindle! This video was so clever though, I enjoyed it too. Looking forward to all the new books too.

  10. Hi
    Checking in to make sure that you survived Market.

    Miss your posts!



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