pick the fabric

As you read in my last post, it is time for the next schnibbles project.  I am a Carrie Nelson groupie if there ever was one. I already own all of her schnibbles patterns. In fact, I buy 2 of every charm pack in anticipation of what Carrie may create with any given collection. Come on, confess, I am not the only one that does this.
I keep the charm packs all nicely lined up with the pattern neatly inserted through the charm packs band. The stack in the background are charm packs that have not yet been assigned to a pattern. I do have a few patterns that I missed out on getting the featured charm packs. those are the patterns in the back corner of the picture below.

SO this month it is Summer Day and this just so happens to be one of the patterns that I didn't  have the strawberry fields charm packs. There could also be a good possibility that I had them but used them for something else.

 Here is where I need your help. I am good under a deadline but not so good making up mind when I have too many choices. Vote on which collection I should use, Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs, Collections for a Cause- Friendship by Howard Marcus or Etchings by 3 sisters. Let me know your choice.  Democrats, Liberals, Tea Party's and Republicans can all vote with no fear of crossing party lines!