Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Funny- affirmations

Let's all get up on the bathroom counter and say our daily affirmations!
Have a great weekend. -modalissa


  1. I like my whole house!!!! too funny.

  2. Well, That girl needs to show a little enthusiasm...hehehe. Thanks so much Lissa! what a joyful start to my day.
    Let me try this, "I LIKE MY FABRIC, I LIKE MY SEWING MACHINE, I LIKE DOING LAUNDR, um, no, that's not the direction I wanted to go with that, LOL...But it's a start! *wink* Big Hugs...

  3. Lisa, that is absolutely adorable! do you own the rights?, I'd love to share that video!

  4. I like this video! And I like Moda Lissa for sharing!

    I also like my bathroom counter! And I like my knees! And yes, I like my neck unbroken! So... no, I won't be getting up on the bathroom counter to say my daily affirmations. :)

    But I can stand in front of the mirror and do them just fine! (And my head won't hit the ceiling.)

    Thank you for the funny video.

  5. Loved even got the attention of my son who was over at the counter making pancakes while I was watching!

  6. How did we ever loose the joys of youth? Too bad we all don't fee like that every morning. So darling!

  7. Hahahahaha, soo cute, "better than anyone, better than anyone"



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