Thursday, April 28, 2011

All nighter

Each season before market I pull an all nighter. It is never planned, it just happens. I get on a roll, loose track of time and ta da it is morning. I thought this was going to happen the other night when I had a big bag of m&m's and monster energy drink standing by. I drank the monster and had a handful of "Quilters vitamins" as my Facebook friends call the candy coated chocolates. I was in bed by midnight.

I was recently in london where all the buzz of the pending nupitals was already in full throttle.

I loved this when Diana got married and I wont miss seeing Kate get married. William and Andrew are the same age of my two oldest sons. My oldest son is marrying his princess this year, so I will be on the lookout for wedding ideas. Hmmm! Should I wear a hat?

Well tonight is the big night (no Gary, I am not talking to you) it is the scheduled all nighter and wedding viewing party.

I have my sewing projects lined up. I am actually making a quilt for William and Kate. (that's how I roll) Of course they will have to wait until after market to receive it. No sneak peeks! The Royal military are guarding my blog and sewing room (actually dining room/sewing room).

Not my sewing room, just a pretty picture...
Lots of bobbins wound with auriful thread, stack of Moda fabrics ready, let the wedding begin.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dots and sock monkeys

I apologize in advance for not the greatest pictures.
I was trying to figure out a new twist on the old fashioned quilt as you go meets foundation piece project.
Cut 3 strips of cuddle cloth (Moda's super soft flannel solids) 13" x wof.
Using your favorite fabrics in a variety of widths, foundation piece strips leaving extra on each edge. This is good project for scraps, just make sure the strips are about 15" long so they can be sewn at angles and still cover the width of the flannel foundation.Flip and sew as you work your way up the strip of flannel. Trim excess fabric a generous 1/4" away from the flannel as shown in the picture below.

Repeat this process for the 3 flannel pieces. Choose backing fabrics. I used 3 different flannels from the funky monkey collections. (3/8 yd of each will do it but get 1/2 yd to make sure) Cut backing fabrics 13" x WOF.

This next part is touch to explain and tough to take 3D pictures.

Step 1: Lay two stripped pieced sections right sides together.
Step 2: Lay two backing fabric right sides together.
Step 3: Lay the backing sections to the back side of the dot sections. You will have 6 layers of fabrics stacked together if you count the flannel foundations.
Step 4: Sew 1/4" seam sewing through 4 layers of fabric. (you won't sew through the foundation flannel but you will sew right up next to it)
Picture below is the four layers stacked up in order.

The picture below is after the 2 rows are sewn.

The picture below shows what your quilt will look like when you open the sections that were just sewn.

Closeup of what the inner seam looks like.

Repeat with row 3 adding it to the center strip. Lay stripped section right side together to center strip. Lay backing fabric right side together to backing fabric. Sew 1/4" along the edge.

This completes your quilt top and quilting all at once. Press to eliminate bulk. Trim if necessary to square up edges. Additional quilting can be added if wanted during this step. Baste around edges and binding accordingly.
Stitch in the ditch where the rows are joined for added stability and reducing bulk.

I wanted a big chunky binding that would like a border so I did it a little different that a traditional binding.

And I actually used the back side of a printed fabric to get the color I wanted. The quilt washed wonderfully using the flannel as the batting and backing.


I love it. It is the kind of quilt that can be washed and washed and washed. I think it will get cozier with every wash.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The power of words

perhaps you have seen this
if not, well worth the time
if so, worth seeing it again

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guest Blog Post- PAT SLOAN

If there were to be a reality quilting show, Pat Sloan would certainly be the one I would bet on. I always say she is the hardest working woman in the cotton business. Find out about Pat and her newest book using Novelty prints. Thanks for stopping by.
There are endless reasons I love a 'Novelty' print.  Often it is the image...
Who can resist Aneela Hoey's Sherbet Pips? 

Or a great Sock Monkey fabric.. this is a quilt in my book

And let's not forget the 12 days of Christmas (I adore KateSpain!)!

After chatting to a zillion and one quilters about WHY a novelty print is used the same way a floral it, I wrote a book.
A book with 12 quilts that showcase these prints I love!
Not only that.. I give you a fun formula for adding a triple border to any panel..
can you say instant quilt?

Just the other day I had a baby quilt to make... I share the process using
a layer cake of Meadow Friends and the "Pair of Winners" Quilt.

and blog post 2

Come visit all the sites where each blogger is featuring a quilt! AND leave comments at each site, we are giving away 2 copies from each blogger's comments!

And if someone wants it Autographed I have them at my site! -PAT SLOAN
Thank you Pat for stopping by and sharing your creativity with all of us. We can't wait to see what all you have up your sleeve as new projects.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

to do lists

I am a big believer of to do lists. Write it down and CROSS IT OFF especially during this time of year.
April 29- the big wedding- William and Kate
(To do- buy hat and fancy tea cups)
Next weekend - Easter
Next Weekend - Mother's Day
Next Weekend- QUILT MARKET

(the above are not listed in order of the length of the lists)

I have saved this post from Maria Kalman of the New York Times titled CAN DO.
It is a little story about Benjamin Franklin.
Maria writes, He believed in doing good everyday.
He made charts and had daily goals.
The picture below is his daily schedule.
(5:00 am to 1:00 am)

More from Maria's post:
He saw a dirty street and created a sanitation dept.
He saw a house on fire and created a fire dept.
He saw sick people and founded a hospital.
Read all of maria's post here.

I will keep this post short and get back to work on my mother's day gift, oops I mean Quilt Market.
The moral to Maria's blog post and mine also is time is relative, especially when you consider what you do with your time and what Ben Franklin did with his.
Get started
Make your to do list.

Go out there and create something great!

See you in Salt Lake with all your greatness.

One quick side bar- Don't ever write down all your UFO's (unfinished quilt projects) on a piece of paper  titled TO DO: and post it by your sewing machine.

Your husband may come by and add in Bright Blue Marker

Monday, April 11, 2011

it's Friday, Friday, Friday

It's Friday, Friday Friday

No matter whether you like this song or not, it does get stuck in your head.
My niece has gotten me hooked on it. I sing it any day of the week because we are all still looking forward to the weekend even if today is only Monday, Monday, looking forward to the weekend.
Have a great weekend, oops I mean week and then weekend.

Friday, April 8, 2011

modalissa or mona lisa

Identity Crisis
 Yes! I do work for the perfect company, have the perfect job, and the perfect blog title.

But I do want to let you know it did not all start at moda.

Did you take creative writing or speech classes? Well I took both.  Standing up in front of a group is a nightmare for myself as well as probably 80% of the US population. My nightmare probably also had a lot to do with that I was 5' 7" by seventh grade. (yes all the boys were shorter than me well into my last years of high school, but I will save those issues for another time)
This is one of my favorite group class pictures. I could have been the teacher if I was not wearing that oh so stylish hat.(Thanks mom)

 Guess which one I am?
Okay back to creative writing class.

The first day of 7th grade we were given an assignment due the following day.
We were to stand up in front of the class and introduce yourself in a "creative way".
We could write the "speech" down but no bigger than an index card.
Now this was sometime in the 1970's and hoping on the Internet was not an option.
I went home and cut out of the Enclcypedia (sorry mom) a picture of the mona Lisa. I cut yellow yarn and glued it to the picture, mounted it to my index card and received an A+ on the
first project for the year. I don't know if the teacher knew I was quite so "crafty". I didn't even to explain why I have two s's in my name but that did not effect my grade.

I wanted to update my blog header so I asked my friend Holly to help. I think we both said
at the very same time, "How about a paint by number?" We found one on Ebay and
I bought it. Weeks went by. I received a note saying I had a package at the post office from China. Geez Louise!, China? Low and behold it was a mona lisa paint by number kit.

I thought I was buying a paint by number that was already done.
Holly came up with this but she thought Mona Lisa looked a
little to "creepy" as a blonde.
My new blog header will be posted tomorrow so you can see the final results. (thank you Holly)

I hope this explains why I have always been partial to mona lisa and
thought it was a perfect nickname for my perfect job.
I do have a small collection of mona lisa items and
I can't resist taking pictures of moda lisa anytime I see one.

A shout out to Mrs. Montgomery because I am sure she never knew the "creative writing" project she assigned would stick with me over 30 odd years later.

In my 6th grade speech class, I stood up and did Elsie the cow by bringing a pint of milk. (my initials were LC) I think I may also have weight issues also. MOOO-MONA-LISA

Thursday, April 7, 2011

and the winners are...

The winners drawn were randomly drawn. If this is you please send me an e-mail with the shipping information.
Winner of Adventures with Leaders and Enders
is Kaye (4\1\11).... I relearned the importance of blocking a quilt once it is finished but before the bindings is put in to make it square.

Winner of Scraps and Shirtails II
is Beth.... (4\4\11)....Press seams open- I always pressed seams open for clothes, and to one side for quilting. I just finished a quilt where I pressed the seams open= I was surprised at what a difference this made.
Thank you everyone for stopping by and sharing. If you get a chance go to the comment form and read all the great re-learning tips. It is never too late to learn or to re-learn.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

App swap

The red and white quilt show was without a doubt the most incredible show I have ever been to. And talk about high tech, Joanna's nephew made an iPad app that shows each of the quilts up close and personal. If you were not there I highly recommend the app. It is not like being there but a close second.
Sorry my picture was vertical but you do have to turn your head in all directions to see these quilts, so you might as well do it on my blog also.
Joanna Rose and her family are donating the iPads used in the show to local schools. Again, amazing. I feel like I am on the bachelor and the only adverb/verb/adjective I can say to describe the event is AMAZING!
We all started talking about what app do you have and why? My iPad is a fairly new toy and I am just really learning about it. I don't leave home without it.
So I am putting out an app swap. ( you know like a block swap, but you don't have to make anything) if you want to join along,post a comment with your favorite app and why. I will put all of them into one post.

Leaving you with a video from YouTube about the show.

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