Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cara's Challenge

Cara has extended a challenge to all of us. I am passing it along as a challenge to you as well. She is giving some prizes away on her blog to bait the hook.

Quilters are the most generous, thoughtful group of people. Tuesday night I was invited Sheryl to attended the bear creek quilt guild.  Show and tell is always great fun as talented Quilters show off their latest pride and joy. Time after time they held up a quilt made for great niece, sister or friend. Then it happened, one of the guild members handed everyone in the front row a quilt, asking everyone to stand up and show the "charity quilts". There I sat on the front row, corner chair off the main aisle. So I joined in the line up holding a sweet baby quilt displaying it proudly. The room was filled with such pride, generosity, and compassion. This was my first time visit to this guild but I have a feeling this is a monthly display of charity.
When I saw on Cara's blog that something as simple as paper towels has struck a chord with her, I immediately thought of these guild members and their giving spirit.  What strikes a cord with you? Something as simple as a fresh pair of socks, a new toothbrush or a fresh pillowcase?

I also met a new friend who is a part of Mary Kay's Global Month of Giving.  Mary Kay's independent sales force and employees are  challenged to volunteer 1 million hours of community service world wide. This is something we can all do. It is about giving of time, not an item or money. For more details, click here.

Did you know that March 8th is the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day? How are you going to celebrate?
When Twitter first came out, I signed up. Not sure why but I was intrigued. Do you Jumo? When Jumo first appeared I signed up for it also.  Jumo was created by Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook. Enough said, right?

Info right from the Jumo BETA site.
Jumo is a social network connecting individuals and organizations who want to change the world.

Leveraging connection technologies, Jumo enables people to find, follow and support those working toward solutions on the ground in their community and in regions across the globe.

Jumo is founded and directed by Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and director of online organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

Why Jumo? Founded in February 2010, Jumo set out to address three key challenges:

1.There are millions of people working to improve the lives of others, many of whom lack the resources to have greatest impact.

2.There are millions more who want to help, but don’t know how.

3.Despite huge advancements in connection technologies, it’s hard to find meaningful opportunities to get involved.

We believe we can do better.

You can upload your "cause"  or join in on one that already exists. I forgot all about this site until I received an e-newsletter tonight. So I thought it was worth adding to this post.

Check back on March 1st for an announcement.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

20 questions

Here is a list of 20 questions from the moda designers pillow talk blog hop. Just in case you did not read all the posts, here is a link to each of them in no particular order. Cotton Way, Thimbleblossoms, Fig Tree Quilts, Laundry Basket Quilts, Deb Strain, Sandy Gervais, Barbara Brackman, Jan Patek, Kate Spain, Kathy Schmitz, Bunny Hill Designs, Aneela Hoey, Blackbird Designs, Me and My Sister,
I believe the  comments are closed on many of the posts but still stop by and follow them, add them to your blog roll, add them to twitter or whatever makes you remember to check out this talented group of ladies on a regular basis.
Yes I am going to give a prize to the winner, BUT I am not going to tell you what it is. You will have to trust me and want it really bad. 
1.How many years has Bonnie from Cotton Way been in business?
2. What designers binds quilts to relax and unwind?
3. What button covering tool did Joanna use to make her pillow?
4. Who is the newest designer to the moda family?

5. Who would like to have a pillow fight with Heath Ledger?
6. What designer has started attending ZUMBA classes?
 7. Who is this designer with the stuffed animal she slept with as a child?
8. Who has a masters in Theology?
9. Name 2 designers that did not "sew" a pillow? They used other mediums to make it happen.
10. Name 2 designers that hand paint all of their fabrics, including all the coordinates? (this is a trick question because their are more than 2 correct answers)
11. Who gave away a quilt on their pillow talk post? Did you miss a chance at this one?

12. What designer folded patterns for her mom and is now helping her mom create the patterns?
13. Name a mother daughter teams? EASY, there are several to choose from.
14. Who has the newest blog? There can be 2 answers here also.
15. Who has painted a picture a day for all 22 days?
16. Who gave away an Oliso iron as a prize?

17. How many "new friends(blogs)" did you make on the blog hop?
18. Tell us one little known fact about yourself.
19. Whose pillow post spanned 2 days? She stated, "I'm never able to follow the rules correctly. I accept my personality disorder and hope you will too."
20.Thank you to all the designers for letting us get to know them a little bit better.
The final question........Who's the greatest? (answer- the moda designers)
drawing for final prize will be Feb 28th

Not all designers were able to participate in this blog hop. To see the entire list of moda designers, visit moda's website.

GUESS WHAT? Debbie answered all the questions so everyone else save your brain power and leave a comment. you will still be eligible for a prize.

(send me your shipping information)
A box of treasures, including a large assortment of charms from my collection, auriful threads, spinning star papers, omnigrid ruler, notepad, chocoalets and candy.

BUT .....I know the questions were hard and you told me so.

SO... I have drawn a total of 20 names. Send me your info by March 6th.

Stacey- for being the first to comment I have a goody for you. Send me your info.

and Nicole from Fulton, MS

and Stitched with Prayer

and Judith Hogan

and Wanda Fish

and Deb from Mountain Musings

and Sharrieboberry (love that name)

and Cyn from Central Maryland

and Becky from Lilburn Georgia

and Wendy from Florence Montana
and Miss Jean from Central California
and Laura T from Redmond, Wa.
and Punkie Pie from Scotland CT
and Dorian from Far North California
and Kris gray
and slfranks4
and james and bess from Kentucky
Debra from MD
jen from Roseville CA

Don't forget March 6th, I am shipping on March 7th
and thank you again to everyone for choosing moda.

Friday, February 18, 2011


The 2011 Best In Show Trophy was awarded to "GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind"
 a.k.a. "Hickory," a Scottish Deerhound.

What is a Scottish Deerhound?
Characterized as "the most perfect creature" by Sir Walter Scott, where do we find the essence of this graceful and stately sighthound? Great stature with greyhound-like curves and a natural, wiry coat with shaggy beard and brows give him a wise appearance and reinforce his natural dignity. Keenness, great speed, and endurance make him formidable in the field. A Deerhound breeder once said that Deerhounds steadfastly believe the best of their humans. Their quiet dignity, readiness to forgive injury and remember kindness, sudden fits of irresponsible gaiety, wistful expression, and unfaltering friendship are their hallmarks.

In honor of  the Best of show- Hickory I thought I would post something from my newest Kevin Leman book I am reading. You may know what a fan of Kevin and his birth order books. His latest one is,
Have a New You by Friday. Today is Friday and I have read the book.....

Great book and it does cover birth order and personailites but from a completely different perspective.

Which of the following breeds best describes your strengths?

want to be noticed, appreciated
tell good stories
animated, bubbly personality

act spontaneous

naive optimism

Great Dane
Take charge
make snappy (usually correct) judgements
high self confidence
daring, adventurous


persuasive, strong willed


Standard Poodle
do things the “right way”
highly analytical
live by high standards and ideals

skilled at setting long term goals

very organized, orderly

respectful of others

faithful, loyal

love deep discussions

Irish Setter
keep the peace ( a calming influence)
can solve problems objectively
have a balanced, pleasing personality
patient,obliging, friendly
loyal, good at listening
content, adaptable

tolerant and diplomatic

don’t make impulsive decisions
stick to the end of a project
(even if it takes a while to complete it)

I won't tell you which dog I am most like but my husband is a YORKIE, through and through
However I am the most like David Letterman as described in the book.
DISCLAMIER:  This has nothing to do with which breed you look like. that is an entirely different post.
Dr. Leman also has a couple other books, Have a New Kid by Friday and Have a New Husband by Friday.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Favorite color?

What is your Favorite color?
Did you answered Red and White?
(I know white is not officially a color)

What is your Favorite Fruit?
Did you say a good juicy apple?

then New York City is the place to be March 25-30.


The American Folk Art Museum is transforming Park Avenue Armory's Drill Hall with red and white quilts from one collection. YES, ONE COLLECTION. Joanna S. Rose's collection features 650 red and white American quilts. Largest exhibit of quilts ever to be held in the city.

My friend, Dale from The City Quilter has  created an interactive map of all the don't miss events.
How about a guide to the Garment district? Bam! Here it is.
The following is a letter from Dale.

Dear Lissa,
Given the unusual abundance of current quilt-related shows in Manhattan, and the extraordinary additional events in late March, we thought some people might find it helpful to have a simplified transportation map to guide their use of mass transit if they visit NYC.
This link takes you to a web page with a color map that we created: It is also available--just one click away--from our home page, as well as from The City Quilter's Facebook page

The map can be printed out; but note that the five venues include clickable web page links for additional detailed information about each location, including opening hours. The map is still quite functional as a B&W printout. You will also find Paula Nadelstern’s helpful guide to the Garment District as a live link as well.

Please feel free to circulate; we hereby give permission to copy our map and/or forward the pdf and/or link. Sincerely,
Dale Riehl
The City Quilter
133 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001
City Quilter's Facebook page

The city quilter even has it's own subway fabric. How cool!

It is truly an exciting time to be a quilter.

 Then there is Tinsel Trading. (this picture is their booth at the Creative Connection) Thousands, millions of items from floor to ceiling at their actual store. 

What about Purl Patchwork? I am hyperventilating thinking of all the fabric greatness that is in New York City.

What if ........
all the quilters that are in New York............
during the exhibit....... 
met at the top of the empire state building.........
at midnight?

Well, maybe not.

Pack your cameras,
oil up your sneakers,
and take over
the Big Apple.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

and the WINNER is....

The Winner of  my Progressive Dinner blog post is

Mommarock said...
A few more of those desserts and I will need LOTS of layers of trim around my fat quarters.. to hide my hind quarters.. if you know what I mean ;)
January 24, 2011 8:42 AM

Mommarock, Please send me your mailing address. I will ship the prize as soon as the book is available. (Mid-May) You will also be recieving a print jelly roll and a solid jelly roll.
Check the Moda Bake Shop blog to see who won the grand prize.

Check out the newest contests via the moda bake shop.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Are you following the pillow talk?

MODA- in style, fashionable
PILLOW- (throw pillow) small pillow for decoration: a small decorative pillow placed on a couch or an armchair.
TALK-to reveal information, especially when being pressured to do so
Welcome to the Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop!
Each of the designers were challenged (by me) to make a pillow that describes them. It could be their design process, their history of textiles or just as simple as something that makes them happy. The definition above for talk seemed fitting since I did pressure them to talk about themselves and stand up in front of people. The pressure has continued because now I have asked them some intriguing questions. They will be revealing some answers during their "Pillow Talk". I promise nothing to risque. Oops, I can't promise anything with this bunch of gals except that you will WANT to follow along.
Just one of the questions the moda designers will be answering during the blog hop.....
Do you sew in bed? Read? Watch TV? Eat?
Aneela Hoey started the hop from all the way over in the UK on Feb. 1st.
 (her giveaway is closed but still worth the visit)
Feb 2. The charming ladies from Blackbird Designs.
Feb 3 Jan Patek is sure to entertain.
Feb 4th Hop on over to Anne Sutton and visit Bunny Hill Designs.
Feb 5th Cotton Way will be featuring some of her wonderful projects as well as nightime fashion.
Feb 6th Joanna from Fig Tree has it all buttoned up.
Feb 7th Kansas Troubles will amaze us all with her warmth and hospitality.
Feb 8th Find out what Kate Spain has to share. Any pillow talk secrets?
Feb 9th Kathy Schmitz has something wonderful stitched for you.

Feb 10th Camille Roskelley wants some pillow time (sleep) after having a new baby in the household.
Feb 11th Me and My Sister will energize you with the creativity oozing out of every orifice of their body.
Feb 12th Hear what these two retired librarians (Minick and Simpson) have to show and tell.
Feb 13th Liesl from Oliver+s is our own little superstar. Academy Awards may have to be cancelled because eveyone will be reading Liesl's blog instead.
Feb 14th Sandy Gervais, the queen of hearts, is featured today. Sandy is doing a painting a day to celebrate the blog hop. See the end of this post for a few surprises.
Feb 15th Lauren and Jessi Jung , just one of our mother and daughter teams.
Feb 16th Sweetwater is so-o-o-o inspiring.
Feb 17th Visit this noted historian who probably can tell you when pillows were invented.
Feb 18th Deb Strain has just joined the blog world. Stop by to see her creations.
Feb 19th Join American Jane back here to talk about her design inspiration.
Feb 20th Primitive Gatherings is joining in on the fun as our newest moda designer.
SURPRISE #1 Feb21st- We have an angel joining us. Edyta Sitar has joined the blog world just in time to finish up the Blog Hop. CHECK OUT HER BLOG, Click here.
Picture from American Patchwork and Quilting's Special Interest Publication, 101 Top Tips
(on sale now)
SURPRISE #2 Feb 22nd- AND ONE LAST STOP- Back here.
I will have a trivia game  right here with some pillow talk questions. Whoever answers correctly to the questions will be entered in a drawing for a PRIZE from me! I am actually hoping Sandy Gervais paints me a picture. Do you think if we kept adding to the pillow post that Sandy would keep painting her adorable pictures?
(not all moda designers were able to participate at this time!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday funny

Today is my last day out at sea. I am so sad for my family and colleagues who have endured snow and ice in texas while I have been away on the oasis cruise line.(demoing the oasis quilt) I couldn't miss out on a Friday funny that is perfect for my lack of internet connectivity this past week.
Enjoy! I have lots of good posts coming up so stay tuned. Enjoy the blackberry video. Have a good laugh on me.. I have an iPhone..


Check out this video on YouTube:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alliances 2011 quilt contest

Moda is a proud sponsor of the Alliance for American Quilts, 2011 Contest.

This year's theme is
The 2011 theme is “Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion,” a broad theme that celebrates cooperative relationships that work towards a common goal.

Grand Prize: The Grand Prize winner will choose from any of Handi Quilter machine quilting systems: an HQ Sweet SixteenTM sit-down machine; the HQ18 Avanté, an 18” longarm; or the HQ24 Fusion, a 24” longarm. Everything you need to get started is included: machine, table/frame, bobbin winder and “Getting Started” DVD and training with your local HQ Rep.

First Prize: Mega gift basket including items from Moda Fabrics, EZ Quilting, Simplicity Creative Group, AURIfil, AccuQuilt, Attached Inc./Mistyfuse, Quilting Arts.

Second Prize: An EQ7 Price Package from The Electric Quilt Company containing EQ7 software, three EQ7 companion books, plus two STASH fabric CD's.

Third Prize: Gift basket including items from The Quilt, Quilters Club of America,
Fons and Porter, Dharma Trading Company, Darlene Zimmerman, Riversilks, and C&T Publishing.

Honorable Mention Prizes: All winners will receive 1 yard of custom-printed fabric by Spoonflower and all Honorable Mention winners will win a gift certificate to The Quilt and Sew Shop. Viewer's choice awards provided by Quilt Album, Westminster Fibers, FreeSpirit and Rowan, and Darlene Zimmerman.

Deadline to enter is March 7, 2011
to see the full details and entry forms, visit,

Pass it on.


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