In our area it is back to school time. Setting the alarm, packing lunches, signing forms, carpool, speed zones are just a few of the things that many people are busy with this week.

I saw this old sign for a school zone  and thought it was quite a symbol for us all. Not only for school zones but also just a good symbol for life.
A few more weeks and it will be Labor day, the official end to summer.
2011 is almost over.
I know that is so depressing.
Where does the time go? What happened to SLOW
So I thought I would throw out a challenge for Labor Day to the end of 2011.
I have listed several 25 things.
Feel free to leave a comment and add some things we should all do in this 30 week challenge.
I challenge you to choose one thing each week to slow down and enjoy for yourself!

Walk barefoot in the grass
Spend a day doing nothing except relaxing
Pack your lunch and eat at a park
Get a massage
Go technology free for one day
Get a makeover at a makeup counter
Have Champagne for no reason at all except to celebrate life
Call a friend for lunch
Compliment a stranger
Buy fresh flowers for your home
Ask more questions and talk less
Light Candles
Brag on yourself at least 5 times
Say hello to a stranger
Pretend for one day that you don’t know your age
Smile a lot. Best beauty tip on the market
Random Act of Kindness- possibly to a teacher
Write a note to someone that impresses you. don't sign it
Donate to a charity
Eat your favorite chocolate
Bubble bath and a good book
Doodle and fill the whole page
Look through old photos
Leave compliments on your bathroom mirror with dry erase pens- for yourself