Cabbage and Roses Lone Star

This has been one of my favorite quilts ever ever. The collection was chocolat by 3 sisters.
Yummy, rich fabrics that were good enough to eat. Get it the name of the group-Chocolat
The quilt pattern was named, Truffles.
Debbi Duckworth made the quilt and no picture can do it justice. 

I got to thinking
about this quilt
 and this fabric.

Cabbages and Rose- Northcote Range

This line has yummy linen/cotton solids in it. I wish blogs would let you touch the fabric but until then you will just have to believe me.So I set forth to use the denim linen as my background. I love how it turned out!
Did I tell you that I don't do the "A" word? Applique.

So here is my version of the quilt above.

Pattern here.

I have included a link to the chocolat pattern if you want to give this project a try.
Northcote Range by Cabbages and Roses will be in stores September.

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