Grocery rant

Guess what Costco has?
64 count PK. of toilet paper

56 oz. Plain or peanut m & m's
36 ct. Dr. Peppers

Breakfast croissants
Awesome ice cream bars in the deli
Beautiful flowers
Jumbo vitamins and razor blade refills

Self check out lanes!!!!

Yes self check out lanes.
I have a Costco 4 miles from my house and a Sam's 4.5 miles the opposite direction from me. So it is not about location, but rather brand preferences. Prices and selections are pretty similar. I prefer Costco because you wheel your cart to the check out lane, a staffer loads your jumbo bulk items on the belt, and with the ease of a single swipe of a plastic and your items are boxed and bagged ready to take home.
Now they have self check out lanes just like all the grocery stores. I must confess I am a bit critical of the grocery store experience. At 15, I was a cashier at a major grocery store chain. We actually had to push buttons on a register and even multiply in our heads sometimes! We did everything but deliver the groceries to our customers home and unload them! All through school I worked the graveyard shift. There was no self check out. Back then, I wish there was a self check out, so I did not have to strategically plan my nightly trip to the restroom when the store was empty. I still today remember all the produce codes and can scan an item better than the next guy.
A friend of mine is on a gluten free diet. She told me she orders all her special diet foods through She has a standing order delivered to her front door weekly.
I love technology and probably couldn't do without it. However I do miss the days of the good ole' fashioned milkman.

Have a good week. I have to go unload all my groceries.

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