Farmers Wife Quilt along has begun!

3 different lunch times, people coming and going, great fun, laughter
and a few racy real housewives pictures thrown in for fun.

There is so much FWQAL out on the web that it seems silly to post it here, but here I go. Today we started making design boards inspired by Lori Holt. Lori posted a picture of her designs boards a while back. I thought they were brilliant but didn't wait for her to post her how-to's. I had a class of 20 people coming up and I had to do some creative engineering. I salvaged as many layer cake card boards as I could possibly find. This is a 10" piece of cardboard that works wonderful for Lori's design boards. My board was not near as cute as Lori's but I will make many more.

We did the design boards because the crew here will be taking the pieces back and forth from work to home. This will keep the pieces all in place. I think everyone will be making more of these handy boards. I know I will. Sarah posted pictures of design boards on her blog.
She was busy taking pictures so I feel bad she didn't get her blocks cut,
but she has a
design board.

 Here is one of our HOT quilters striking a pose. Meet Jamie....
She is dating a Dallas Maverick and a Dallas Cowboy at the same time. She is developing her own line of  cotton fabrics that when used, eliminate wrinkles on the fabric and on your face!!
Just kidding, but I had to add some hype so we could get our own reality show.

 meet Eladia!
She is a fairly new quilter, relatively speaking. She has been quilting for 4 or 5 years and makes the most elaborate quilts!

Meet Katie!
Katie is visiting for a couple of weeks and the daughter of Deb Strain. We are sad that Katie will be leaving us soon but she is going to do the project long distance when she returns home to Ohio.

This is not Katie's first quilt, but I think she has caught the FEVER.
Our homework was make your design boards.
Make blocks # 2 and # 4.
Next week we will see Marti Michell's templates. Marti has cross referenced her template sets to correspond with the FW templates. Sign up for Marti's newsletter by August 31st to get weekly e-mails about the blocks and templates. Here is more info.
 Hop on over to Sarah's blog to see more pictures!

Gotta go milk the cows!