Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Record winds in Dallas

The winds are crazy here in Dallas with red flag alerts. This is bad for brush fires but good if you are interested in flying a kite!! I guess not literally.
Are you interested in winning some great prizes?

I know the answer is YES.
So all you have to do is visit

On each of the pages you will get part of a code. Fill in the code on the last
stop to be entered for some super prizes.
If you win you will be so excited it will be hard to keep your feet on the ground, holding a kite or not!
Good luck!


  1. Thanks for telling us about this!
    We're having those winds here south of San Antonio, too. I hate that the wind is HOT!!! We could use cool breezes instead.

  2. This comment is regarding your header -- is that a "secret" Moda fabric? I would love to see another paint by numbers fabric -- I missed out on the paint by numbers bird fabric and have been regretting it for years... I would love to see that repeated, or, the Mona "Lissa" fabric would be just as awesome! :-)

  3. We are having record winds down the road in Arlington, too, LOL!!



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