Monday, April 11, 2011

it's Friday, Friday, Friday

It's Friday, Friday Friday

No matter whether you like this song or not, it does get stuck in your head.
My niece has gotten me hooked on it. I sing it any day of the week because we are all still looking forward to the weekend even if today is only Monday, Monday, looking forward to the weekend.
Have a great weekend, oops I mean week and then weekend.


  1. love the new blog banner. the song..not so much!

  2. I can see how that song would get stuck in your head!

  3. I like it! (I have an extremely eclectic taste in music!) It does tend to get stuck in your head. Thanks for the music video.

  4. Fabulous new blog header!!! So creative!

  5. Love the new blog banner. Great choice. Don't care for the song (because my husband keeps playing it over and over and over.)

  6. "i got this. you got this."

    <3 the new header holly whipped up.

  7. I still think of you every friday friday at 1:46 if I happen to notice the time ... when I first heard that song I thought of you. I think I always will!!



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