The 2011 Best In Show Trophy was awarded to "GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind"
 a.k.a. "Hickory," a Scottish Deerhound.

What is a Scottish Deerhound?
Characterized as "the most perfect creature" by Sir Walter Scott, where do we find the essence of this graceful and stately sighthound? Great stature with greyhound-like curves and a natural, wiry coat with shaggy beard and brows give him a wise appearance and reinforce his natural dignity. Keenness, great speed, and endurance make him formidable in the field. A Deerhound breeder once said that Deerhounds steadfastly believe the best of their humans. Their quiet dignity, readiness to forgive injury and remember kindness, sudden fits of irresponsible gaiety, wistful expression, and unfaltering friendship are their hallmarks.

In honor of  the Best of show- Hickory I thought I would post something from my newest Kevin Leman book I am reading. You may know what a fan of Kevin and his birth order books. His latest one is,
Have a New You by Friday. Today is Friday and I have read the book.....

Great book and it does cover birth order and personailites but from a completely different perspective.

Which of the following breeds best describes your strengths?

want to be noticed, appreciated
tell good stories
animated, bubbly personality

act spontaneous

naive optimism

Great Dane
Take charge
make snappy (usually correct) judgements
high self confidence
daring, adventurous


persuasive, strong willed


Standard Poodle
do things the “right way”
highly analytical
live by high standards and ideals

skilled at setting long term goals

very organized, orderly

respectful of others

faithful, loyal

love deep discussions

Irish Setter
keep the peace ( a calming influence)
can solve problems objectively
have a balanced, pleasing personality
patient,obliging, friendly
loyal, good at listening
content, adaptable

tolerant and diplomatic

don’t make impulsive decisions
stick to the end of a project
(even if it takes a while to complete it)

I won't tell you which dog I am most like but my husband is a YORKIE, through and through
However I am the most like David Letterman as described in the book.
DISCLAMIER:  This has nothing to do with which breed you look like. that is an entirely different post.
Dr. Leman also has a couple other books, Have a New Kid by Friday and Have a New Husband by Friday.