Let the fun begin

Moda's Progressive dinner starts today.
Do you have your knife and fork ready?
This is going to be BIG.
You will not want to miss one tiny morsel.

The first stop will be
Stash Books
and Moda Bake Shop.

Join us for the next week as we visit each of the contributing authors from the
upcoming book, Fresh Fabric Treats.

Jan. 20th
Meet Amanda Jean Nyberg. She is one crazy mom.
Then zip down under as you learn about Rosyln Mirrington from Australia
Vanessa Christenson will delight you.

Jan 21st
John Adams is the loveable Quilt Dad and one of the authors of ezine Fat Quarterly.
By day she is known as mild mannered Monica, but in blogsphere she becomes the Happy Zombie!

Jan 22nd
Kimberly Walus is like the Doublemint Twins. She has two projects in the Fresh Treats book.
Then stop by polkadotchair.blogspot.com to hear what Melissa Mortenson has to say.

Jan 23rd
Natalia Bonner always has something cooking. It could be designing a project or machine
quilting someone elses project.
Vickie Eapen is a dentist by day. She will make sure you eat your veggies
 and don't head straight for the desserts.

Jan 24th
Rachel Griffith has more energy than anyone I know.
Little ol' me- Modalissa

Jan 25th
Julie Herman 's blog says "On the other hand it can be hard to be creative
without making a mess." So I am sure she has great things on her plate.
The talented team at Sweetwater really do "Make Life Sweet."

Jan 26th
and last but
not least,
the two talented ladies that keep the
ovens on at  the Moda Bake Shop.
Angela Yosten and Jenny Garland

Winners for each of the individual drawings will be annouced at the end of the Progressive Dinner.


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