My Great Anne

I have a great aunt on my father's side. When I was young, she would come and stay when my parents would go out of town. My parents rarely went on a trip, so the sheer fact that these times are so memorable, speaks volumes for Anne's uniqueness.  She was full of energy and seemed to easily keep up with my 2 rambunctious brothers, my boy crazy sister and myself, the angel.
Her cooking was, how shall I say, "Lumpy?" One of my biggest fears is to have my mashed potatoes compared to Anne's at any family gathering! She would mash the darnedest things and add them to pancakes. You know, Waste not, Want not....
Anne would never inconvenience anyone. Not even to phone home to check in with her family in Temple, Texas. She would walk to the 7-11 to use the pay phone, just so my mom and dad would not have to pay the charges. (I wonder if Anne has a cell phone, now?)

I have always thought Anne was one of the smartest women I have ever met, in her own unique way.
Looking back, she did say some ODD things. In her energetic voice, she would say, 

"My oh my, time sure goes by faster as you get older."

 Now, I will tell you I am a natural blond and often live up to the reputation that brings. But seriously, I would scratch my head and look at the clock T I C K  T O C K.  The clocked looked like it was moving at the same speed for me at 9 years old as it was for her at 59. I literally thought she was cuckoo.
Now that I am closer to 59 than 9, I see what Annie meant. How does that darn clock move so much faster now than it did before?.........especially during the holiday season?

I thought I would share this 2 part video as my FRIDAY FUNNY  in honor of my great aunt Anne.

Just think how great it would be to SLOW DOWN the hands of time.
(disclaimer- you only need to watch the first bit of this one to get the point. Then it starts to get creepy and remind me of an old drunk uncle- not mine of course)

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and that you are able to slow down and laugh out loud!!