Monday, October 11, 2010

Feedsack Exhibit and more

The Des Moines Quilt Guild also had a feed sack exhibit and a very interesting Game Board exhibit.
This design was simple,cool and graphic. I can't wait to remake it in new fabrics. What color do you  suggest?

A modern feed sack quilt! How Cool.
Really? Saved enough small pieces from feed sacks to make 1,000 pyramid quilt!

The coin quilt! A favorite from the 30's and the 2010's.
Game Board Exhibits
Amazing! Fabric money, fabric real estate cards, fabric dice and game pieces.
(the game pieces I think were actually crocheted)


How about a game of Checkers?!!

And to close another classic feed sack quilt. Any one up for a nine patch swap?
Back to Market prep!


  1. nine patches are my favorite block...always up for swap!

    what fun would love to do a game board quilt, thats a great challenge idea.

  2. I love 30's 9 patches...well any 9 patches actually...count me in...I'd love to swap. What great quilts...I really love the first one!

  3. I am very sad that I missed this APQ. My brother lives in Des Moines so I could have gone :( but I was in Florida instead :)

  4. I love vintage quilts! A nine patch swap would be so fun!

  5. I'd love to do a nine patch swap:)



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