Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Anne Sutton from Bunny HIll

Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill introduces her new baby.(fabric of course)

Ask for Lily & Will at your favorite store October 2010.


  1. Lissa - I can't thank you enough. I have so enjoyed meeting the designers and seeing what they look like - how they sound - what they had to offer at spring Market. It has been such a wonderful experience! Some were as I expected, and some were so very different. Love that! Now, when do we get to see a video of Gene? :)

  2. Great video of Anne from Bunny Hill Design and all of her creations!

  3. Have loved these videos...and also really enjoyed the two of a tour of the entire Moda booth (link from Angela's blog post)...fascinating that the Howard Marcus quilt is such an amazing replica of the 1830's-1840's quilt!

  4. Not fair that we have to WAIT for these beautiful fabrics! I am so addicted to fabric.



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