DO YOU.....

...Stay in your pajamas until noon becasue you are in the middle of designing a quilt?

...Write the name in the check register every time you write a check at the quilt store? (Now that we have debit cards this doesn't work quite as well as it use to)

...Hide the credit card bill from your husband becuase of the fabric purchases?

...Need a separate calender for your guild meetings, lessons and quilt shows?

...Have a son who can knowledgeably discuss quilting patterns?
I must admit this one is true. This is a picture of my 25 year old making Dallas Cowboy outfits for his dogs on Sunday. Cowboys lost!

...Plan vacations around the dates of quilt shows?

...Take a quilt on vacation with you to work on?

... Have at least four unfinished projects?

...Drive 350 miles to the nearest quilt show or convention?

If you can answer to any of the above you officially have QUILT FEVER. The only way to treat it is too SPREAD it.