Wednesday, September 30, 2009

and the winner is.......

I had my very own random generator, pick a winner. Her name is Susan Stiff, so blame her if you didn't win, hug her if you did. She drew 2 names from the hopper.

The winner is ..........................opps I mean the winners are John from Cary,North Carolina and
She Sews and Scraps. Send me your shiping addresses. Thanks!Enjoy!

I will be at QUILT MARKET very soon. I will Tweet, blog, facebook and have a wonderful time. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.

Just in case you have not checked them out, read sandy gervais's blog for a behind the scenes look at her getting the quilts done for Market.

And check out what all is happening over at Sweetwater.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


For those of you that do not know this, quilt Market is 2 weeks earlier this year. In the long run this will be a good thing but in the meantime I think it is STRESSING out a few people. I have been reading designers blogs who are designing, writing, sewing, stressing. Seriously, there is not enough Chocolate or Pizza to go around this time of year. Don't believe me, just read Sandy Gervais blog. This time of year is like Christmas, you can't change the date. It is coming no matter what. The only thing that is stopping it is the deadline. If Market was later, we would all try and do more and more and more. Look at it this way... now there will be more time between Market, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Opps didn't mean to stress you out more !)

The girls are going to kill me but I have done this any way. DISCLAIMER: It is Saturday here, No makeup and they did not know what I was going to do with these pictures. I think they will be tooooooo busy to sign on to the computer until after Market.
Here is the tutorial: When you read this you MUST follow along and do it.!

Mariza and Esperanna- Sample DeptCarolyn- Queen of everything



Eladia and Outlaw-Sampling and book and pattern buyer



(are you following along? Stand up and pat your self on the back. This is a tutorial you can do right now. Do it!)Sorry Outlaw but I had to use this picture. Outlaw always shuts her eyes in pictures so I clicked the camera quick to try and get her. PRICELESS!Pat someone else on the back, then laugh and have some fun!

Okay back to work!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Did that catch your eye?

I just recieved a copy of the new Holiday Issue of McCall's quilting December 2009 issue. I was excited to see my quilt made the cover, AGAIN... folded and stacked with designers such as Chloe and Colleen from Toadusew, Sarah and Delores from Homestead Hearth and a dear friend, Gerri Robinson from Planted Seed Designs. And of course much more inside.

I do not know if you know of the MANQUILTER, but he is who quilted this quilt so I thought I would give him a shout out also. Isn't that a great word, Manquilter? Of course you have to say it in a deep voice for the full effect.
Yes I said giveaway... keep reading.
The gals at McCall's are so clever. They did a quilt option using the same pattern but did it in 30's fabrics and used embroidered tea towels as the centers. Just that idea alone is worth running to the store to pick up your own copy. (pg 64)
Also there is an ad on page 49 from moda about something new available in stores late October. Clue- Fanfare Gift Wrap. Check it out.
Here's the deal. Thanks for reading to the end.
The giveaway is for a magazine and my scraps from this collection. Scraps?! I have good scraps and after all it is a free giveaway. Rounneries will be in stores soon, so once you win my scraps you can order all kinds of yardage from your favorite shop.
I mean run to the stores this group is going to go fast!
Just make a nice comment and you will be entered. Drawing will be September 30th.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Okay, did you forget about me?

Quilt Market is less than a month to go.

24 quilts and counting.

No I don't make them all but lots of organizing, cutting, planning, etc.
Just so you would know that I am alive I thought I just at least post something about where I wish I could go. The following is a note from Dale at The City Quilter.
If you are in the New York area or going there, check it out.
The City Quilter's soon-to-open "MADE IN NEW YORK: City Quilting" exhibition showcases 61 outstanding quilts, representing a wide variety of styles. Quilts are underrepresented as an art form in New York, and we believe this exhibit will help bring a bit more attention to quilting--hopefully aided by your editorial interest.The show opens on Tuesday, September 22, at the Williams Club, which is located at 24 East 39th Street. The quilts will be available for viewing from 8 am until 8 pm, seven days a week, through November 14, 2009. Quilts must have been made while the quilter was living or working in the New York metro area. The quilts were juried, the 61 selected from the more than 200 entered. As part of the show, there is a special exhibition of ten Dear Jane quilts to commemorate the 10 years of DJ classes at The City Quilter that have resulted in the growth of a considerable "Janiac" community with an urban flavor.
“Wildlife“ by Ellen Highsmith Silver
Amy Ronis' "Kitschin' Jane".

More posts to come, I promise.


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