Friday, January 23, 2009

Miss Rosie's Fan Club

In all fairness to the recent post on the Jolly Jabber by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's fame, I felt I needed to explain myself. Yes I will admit that I did "nag" Carrie a bit to do 5" charm patterns. Why? Well I thought it would be wonderful to line the halls of moda with small quilts documenting the fabric designers and their collections. My previous idea was just to make miniatures of the project sheets. Can you imagine the Portobello Market Project sheet in miniature? Well I couldn't either. So selfishly I hounded Carrie for patterns.
I am the President of the Miss Rosie's fan club. Not really, but should be. I am making every single one of her Schnibbles. I am bummed if I do not get a charm pack to make with the collection and have to substitute. However,it is cool to see the other colorways. I have started hoarding the patterns and charm packs. I slide the pattern in the wrapper of the charm pack until I am ready for it. What you don't see in the picture is the stack of Schnibbles that are all cut and organized waiting to be sewn. I cut several out at a time when I am in the cutting mood. Then when I am in the sewing mood and don't want to start something new, I pull one of these out. ( Boy, I sound like a moody person)

Much to my surprise I received a package during the Holidays. It was full of the original pincushions from Tuffets pincushion pattern. What a treasure! How did she know I had started a pin cushion collection?!
I know this is a life long goal to have made all of these quilts. I hate to admit that I am also making all of Pam Buda's, Heartspun Quilts charm patterns. What an addiction, geez!
There are no Schnibbles lining the walls of moda yet. Someday!
I know all my buddies have already blogged about the new Moda Bake Shop blog , but I am also mentioning it. Kudos to Angela Yosten for working so hard on developing it. Thank you to Joanna, Camille, Monica, Laurie and Leigh Ann for getting us started with some fun projects. We have lots more coming. Feel free to leave me a comment on things you would like to see featured on the Moda Bake Shop.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Collection for a Cause and soap

I wanted to post about these soaps before the Holidays in case you needed them as gifts, but.... I guess there is always mother's day, birthdays or just because. First about the fabric, Collection for a Cause is an ongoing program begun by owner, Howard Marcus Dunn. It features antique quilts from his collection and support charities and causes that touch the hearts and lives of all of us.
Proceeds from this collection, Heritage, will be donated to Gilda’ s Club, which seeks to provide an emotional and social support community for people living with cancer. The proceeds were given in memory of our colleague, Pam Wieland.

Then I saw this. Joyce Noerr from Sororia Organics Soaps makes and packages some of her products in Heritage fabrics. Good for your skin and good for the soul.....Plus they are also giving a portion of the proceed's to Gilda's Club. Moda fabric, organic soap and giving back all in one thing, what could be better. Way to go, Joyce.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Quiz

Okay we are almost 2 weeks into the new year. I am very much a glass half full kinda gal. How do i know this ? Because my Dad played this game with our family at the dinner table when I was 8 years old. So I found this quiz over at Martha about following through on New Year's Resolutions. I did okay. Pretty much middle of the "glass."

I wanted to share with you the best $ 9.98 I have spent in a long time. I guess that isn't true, I have now bought 4 of these books so I guess it has cost me $40.00.... still well worth it.

I was at Barnes & Noble with my daughter and picked up this book in the front of the store. I looked up my daughter's birthday. My daughter said, "I don't believe in any of that stuff." I read the first 2 sentences about her (which was dead on) and bought the book. I have taken the book to 2 birthday parties since then and we have had great fun reading about each other. In fact the scan of the book above still has all the post it notes in it for the birthdays of the moda gals.
1 of the 4 books I have bought is now owned by my daughter who doesn't believe in this stuff.
I guess I don't believe in it either but the good, bad and the ugly of my birthdate was so correct it was creepy.
Theresa Cheung is the author and I have now seen a bunch of other cool stuff that she does. I will have to check out to see if I can find some more mindless entertainment.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The new year will bring....

Anything and everything you want so enjoy it!!

Piece and Peace,



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