Monday, August 24, 2009

September 11

Just recieved this e-mail from Polly Minick.

We have a little less than one month and counting to get the word out all across this great land and into every community in the United States of America.

If you forward this email to least 11 people and each of those people do the same ... you get the idea.

On Friday, September 11th, 2009, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States . Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag on this eighth anniversary of one of our country's worst tragedies. We do this to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms.
In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through some tough times and it shouldn't take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. Our American flag is the fabric of our country.


  1. Great idea! I really need to get one back out at our place...I have a door hanging one.

  2. I'm on it! Our whole street does this on holidays, and it is impressive...and moving!

  3. I am with you! I have posted this info on my blog too.

  4. Thanks for sharing! What a great idea!

  5. maybe it is time to go buy a flagpole... thanks for spreading the word... i'll never forget where i was that day...

  6. Well said, Lissa. I hope you don't mind. I copied your picture and made mention of your post over on my blog.

    Thanks for caring about this country!

  7. My flag is flying, I can not imagine forgetting, the way I felt is then is so fresh today in my heart!



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