I am sitting at LAX leaving the Long Beach quilt show.
I got to see lots of friends at the show and make a couple of new ones also.
I met Julie Herman from Jaybird. She has a new project over at the moda bake shop. The project is for giant pincushions. Julie was a giant ball of energy and enthusiasm. she has tons of ideas for more projects for the bake shop. Check it out! She was alot of fun.
I am now headed to Portland Oregon to travel with a couple of the moda reps for a few days. I am excited to visit a few of their accounts. I think this is called a bus man's holiday. 2 1/2 days of quilt show and 3 days of getting to go to a bunch of different shops! Yeah!
So as I am sitting here reading my Tweets. ( yes I tweeter, do you?)
I found this cool random site. http://www.colorstrology.com/colorstrology_sniffer.html
This Friday is a friend of mines birthday so I thought I would check out and see what her colorstrology birthday is. Check it out and see what color you are.
Sorry no pics yet. Will post those soon. Randomness over and out.

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