Friday, May 22, 2009

more quilt market

Taking inspiration from the fresh smell of clothes hung on the line the entire moda booth was designed as an outdoor clothesline. Every detail from the market invitation to the clothespin bag signs shined in the brightly lite Pittsburgh convention center. The natural light was a little overwhelming in the morning, but I guess you could say the future is bright with moda. If your salesperson comes home with a tan you can certainly see why by this picture. (quilts shown- Close to my heart tablerunner & quilt by Laundry Basket, Aster Manor by 3 sisters, Blessings by Brannock & Patek)Sandy Gervais from Pieces from my Heart always has an adorable booth. Her entire booth was recreated as a Thanksgiving dinner. The quilt shown here is a turnover quilt featuring her Gobble, Gobble line of fabric due in stores in August. Great, quick easy project because using the turnovers all the triangles are already cut for you. Sew them together and applique the turkey!Sandy covered her pans with a piece of her fabric. She said she couldn't cook anything since she packed her pans to use in the booth.
It was hard to walk past her booth without getting hungry. What a great idea for a store display! Moda Jelly Rolls for the big feast!
A quilt that was in the United Notions booth that I loved is this quilt from Lori at Bee in my Bonnet.
This picture does not due the quilt justice. There is so much detail that every where you look there is something else that makes you smile. More pictures coming soon.......


  1. Sandy's booth was really great! It smelled as good as it looked too!

  2. Love all of the market pics...I read Lori Holt's blog...her work is amazing!

  3. love the clothesline theme.
    SUPER cute.

    i'm SUPER excited about these 4 lines...
    simple abundance
    mill house inn
    happy campers

  4. Market was so much fun! Of course, there was work too. But mostly fun. I can't wait to go back....after a good rest. All the Moda designer booths were so inspiring. I can't wait to get sewing!

  5. Love the clothesline stuff! Way fun. Love the Thanksgiving Table! What a great idea. And Lori's quilting is amazing!ooxx`jodi

  6. Lori's quilt is stunning!! How fun to have a Thanksgiving dinner!! Looking forward to seeing the patterns!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. So many great new lines coming out Really excited about the French generals line , Those REDS are to die for!
    Sandy Klops booth was great, Minnick and Simpsons and the new The Collections for a Cause Alliance quilt from Moda. Beautiful! I sew a few quilt kits in my future from these booths and fabric lines I will need!
    When I first saw that towel on Jan Pateks blog I thought wouldn't that be fun to use as the center of a medallion quilt for my laundry room
    Hope you will be selling them!

  8. Very delicious booths as well as lots of goodness all around!

  9. The booths are amazing! I can't believe all the work that goes into setting up for market. And how quickly you have to put it all together!

    I'm going now to check out the blog links. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

  10. I thought all the Moda booths were incredible, such VERY talented people!!!!!I enjoyed getting to know a few of the Moda designers better at this market....delightful ladies! Thanks for all you do...what a job every six months!

  11. Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing. Moda's booths are always so much fun to look at. Lori has great designs she teaches a BOM at the shop and its always fun to see what she comes up with next.

  12. I love all of Lori's designs. . . I'm collecting them all! (. . .someday!!!!)
    I also think that you deserve a big. . . no huge(!) standing ovation for your genius marketing of all things Moda!
    . . . applause!! APPLAUSE!! for Lissa! ( . . & I am standing!) :o)
    xo, Bren

  13. all i have to say is "lovely!"

  14. Lissa,
    i swear, Anne came home with a tan!!! She said it was the lights and I didn't believe her!
    Thanks for the market photos.

  15. The booths are so great to look at. Such imaginations.

  16. Lissa-
    I wanted to thank you for showing my quilt and all of the nice things said. I really appreciate being able to see it in the booth!!



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