Emily's baby quilt

It must be that time in my life. Everyone around me is having babies or grand babies. (Don't get any idea, kids) My niece and nephew, Daniel & Emily Tardy are due to have her first child (we know it is a girl) next week. Their nursery has a light fabric with a wonderful big paisley full of greens and blues. I didn't have any of the fabric to be able to match a quilt to, yet I trudged on. I love the Denyse Schmidt style of quilts, so I thought I would sew some wacky log cabin or something nice and graphic. Changed my mind mid stream. At market, Quiltsmart had a pattern to make an orange peel and I thought this design would be perfect. Viola!

Easy, easy. easy and fun! With quiltsmart the templates are printed on lightweight fusible interfacing. First cut the interfacing, sew them to the fabric pieces and turn like a pillow. The exposed side of the interfacing is fusible so no or little pinning is required. Iron it in place and sew it down with whatever method you prefer. You can leave the interfacing in or cut it out from the back side of the quilt. Viola! Viola! You may notice the petal shapes above have printed lines across the middle. For my baby quilt I wanted smaller petals than the quiltsmart interfacing featured. I reduced the shape 50% and traced it on to the interfacing. I only used a little bit of the interfacing for this project, so I will have plenty left to also make this quilt full size using scrappy prints.

Normally, you would sew these petals on to squares and then assemble the blocks. I didn't want all the petals to line up (intentionally or not! ?) so I am appliqueing the petals on the background as a whole piece.
I am going to add the name and date running across the borders as soon as I know. So far,
I have (name goes here) Tardy, Feb (date) 2009 ready to applique as soon as I hear the news. Quilt it and ship it!!
Savannah Lynn Tardy has been born. I've got to get to work on the borders.

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