Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Loose ends!!
One of the odd things about working at Moda is the Christmas holidays. We work on Holiday 2009 while also trying to accomplish Christmas 2008 at home. ( I am sworn to secrecy about Holiday 2009 but it is going to be GREAT!) We took a break from work and went to lunch on Friday.We had our annual ornament exchange. Pictured below are a few of the people in marketing, sampling and new product development. I think Rudolph bit Outlaw in the rear. Guess which one is Outlaw?With that being said I felt like I should follow-up on some loose ends.
Thimbleblossoms drawing.
I am delighted to be working on a quilt for Wendy! She won a drawing on Camille's blog. Never did I expect to receive such a wonderful surprise in the mail. Camille sent me a selection of her patterns, a stocking full of chocolate and a James Taylor Christmas Cd. I have enjoyed sewing and snacking. the problem is I have also started a couple of her other patterns also. This quilting addiction is crazy! ( thank you, Camille)

I told you that I would post how to do English Paper Pieced hexagons by machine. I use the same technique that Blackbird Designs uses to do all of their applique quilts. Leaving the paper in, butt two of the hexagons together and sew. I use a fine zig zag stitch. The key is to use good quality nylon thread. Not the cheap stuff that is almost like fish line! The stitches almost disappear once the paper is removed. Join hexagons in sets of 2 and repeat. When you line up the next set of two slip the hexagons under the first set. This helps hold them in place as you chain piece. If you are doing the traditional hexagon flower you will have to pay close attention to fabric placement. I am doing a striped border of hexagons so mine are all constructed in rows.

Do not worry about taking out the paper or the basting stitches until you have sewn several of the sides together to hold them in place. Here are several rows sewn together. How long would this take by hand?

Once the rows and or sections are arranged you can continue to join the sections using the same technique. You do not have to have an entire section down to start sewing them together. More can be added section by section.
A section sewn together!
Enjoy, try it and let me know if you have any questions.

I love this artist.
So I will close this posting by singing out load in my home to each of you this Christmas Carol. Have a wonderful Holiday with your friends and family,

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm A Quilter!!

Jump in and sing the Anthem that American Patchwork & Quilting has started. I am a Quilter and Proud of it. What can you tell about yourself ? Make an 9x12" quilt that tells your story in fabric, then post a photo of your quilt and your smiling face. It is fun to see the difference between the Editors' quilts and their stories. Every quilt........ no matter how big or small .......does tell a story. Be sure and check out Lisa Schumacher's quilt. She pieced fabric together to form her own fabric. I am hoping to get mine posted ( that is if the middle child in me can decide what describes me as a quilter) Hope to see your quilt there also.
I think this is step 1 in the 12 step program.
Step 1 I am a quilter and proud of it.
Step 2 is you must confess it to all.
Step 3 take therapy for the addiction by sewing more and more
Step 4 go to as many shows and classes as needed to discusss the addiction
Step 5 store fabric in your freezer, under the beds, in the closets, anywhere necessary for quick retrival when you need a quick fix
Step 6 go get a job at a fabric company
Step 7 need I go on? Afterall I do not want to be cured of this addiction so I guess 6 steps will do instead of the normal 12.


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